Wayside Fairies

The Wayside Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker are the Agrimony Fairy, Bee Orchis Fairy, Black Medick Fairy, Cats-Ear Fairy, Chicory Fairy, Fumitory Fairy, Goose-Grass Fairy, Greater Celandine Fairy, Ground Ivy Fairy, Horned Poppy Fairy, Jack-by-the-Hedge Fairy, Jack-go-to-Bed-at-Noon Fairy, Red Campion Fairy, Red Clover Fairy, Ribwort Plantain Fairy, Rose-Bay Willow-Herb Fairy, Rush-Grass and Cotton-Grass Fairy, Scentless Mayweed Fairy, Self-Heal Fairy, Sow Thistle Fairy, Storks-Bill Fairy, Tansy Fairy, Totter-Grass Fairy and the White Bindweed Fairy. All of these vintage Wayside Flower Fairy Prints by Cicely Mary Barker can be found for sale in our Shop.