Flower Fairy Books

Below is a List of all Cicely Mary Barker’s early Flower Fairy books illustrated with Flower Fairies.

Cicely Mary Barker’s first book illustraded with flower fairies was ”Flower Fairies of the Spring” this was illustraded with 24 lovely flower fairy illustrations/prints. The first edition of this book was published in 1923. There were never any dates in these early C M Barker fairy books so they are almost impossiable to date accuratly. One way which is quite accurate is to look at the dust cover if there is one and seeing what other books are advertised on the back. By deduction you can then work out the date of the book in your posession. Many were also dated by hand when given as gifts and so that is a very accurate way to date them.

Due to the success of ”Flower Fairies of the Spring” in 1923, further books followed with ”Flower Fairies of the Summer” in 1925, ”Flower Fairies of the Autumn” in 1926, ”A Flower Fairy Alphabet” in 1934, ”Flower Fairies of the Trees” in 1940, ”Flower Fairies of the Garden” in 1944, ”Flower Fairies of the Wayside” in 1948. Each of these books had 24 coloured book plates in making a total of 168 flower fairies.

Cicely Barker published 2 compilation books. The first being ”The Book of the Flower Fairies” in 1927 which contained all the fairies from ”Flower Fairies of the Spring, Summer & Autumn”. The second compilation book being ”Flower Fairies of the Flowers and Trees” in 1950 which contained all the fairies from ”Flower Fairies of the Trees, Garden & Wayside”.

  1. Flower Fairies of the Spring, London, Blackie, 1923
  2. Spring Songs with Music, London, Blackie, 1923
  3. Flower Fairies of the Summer, London, Blackie, 1925
  4. Flower Fairies of the Autumn, London, Blackie, 1926
  5. Summer Songs with Music, London, Blackie, 1926
  6. The Book of the Flower Fairies, London, Blackie, 1927
  7. Autumn Songs with Music, London, Blackie, 1927.
  8. Old Rhymes for All Times. London, Blackie, 1928
  9. The Children’s Book of Hymns, London, Blackie, 1929
  10. A Flower Fairy Alphabet, London, Blackie, 1934
  11. Flower Fairies of the Trees, London, Blackie, 1940,
  12. Flower Fairies of the Garden, London, Blackie, 1944
  13. Flower Fairies of the Wayside, London, Blackie, 1948
  14. Flower Fairies of the Flowers and Trees, London, Blackie, 1950
  15. The Flower Fairy Picture Book, London, Blackie, 1955