Heliotrope Vintage Flower Fairy Print


Heliotrope Vintage Flower Fairy Print by Cicely Mary Barker printed c.1944 – 1960

The Heliotrope Flower Fairy was first published in London by Blackie, 1944. It is one of the Garden Flower Fairies. All the Heliotrope Flower Fairy prints we sell are either first editions or very early printings. We do not sell the later modern reproduction prints. They are all guaranteed to be over 60 years old…

If you are interested in buying the Heliotrope Flower Fairy Print or any of the original vintage Cicely Mary Barker flower fairy prints we would have most in stock. The different prices reflect the scarcity and condition of a particular fairy print.

Size of the Heliotrope Flower Fairy Print is approx 3 x 4.2 inches with ample margins for mounting/framing.

Condition: The print you see in the listing is the actual print you will receive. Some Heliotrope fairy prints have minor blemishes mainly in the margins which would be mounted out when framing.

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