Between 1923-1950 Cicely Mary Barker produced 168 flower fairies prints to illustrate her fairy books. There were 24 Flower Fairies for each of the following. Flower Fairies of the Alphabet, Garden, Wayside, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Trees.

We have been collecting and selling these original vintage Flower Fairy prints for the last 18 years shipping successfully to all corners of the globe. All of the vintage flower fairy prints for sale in our store are guaranteed to be genuine early printings over 60 years old. We do not sell modern reproductions.

The different prices reflect the scarcity & condition of a particular Flower Fairy print. Some we may only have one copy of where we may have many copies of the lower priced ones. They are all guaranteed to be over 60 years old. These Flower Fairy prints can all be purchased in our Shop.