Summer Fairies

The Summer Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker are the Birds Foot Trefoil Fairy, Buttercup Fairy, Convolvulus Fairy, Forget-me-Not (Summer) Fairy, Foxglove Fairy, Greater Knapweed Fairy, Harebell Fairy, Heather Fairy, Herb Robert Fairy, Honeysuckle Fairy, Nightshade Fairy, Poppy Fairy, Ragwort Fairy, Scabious Fairy, Scarlet Pimpernel Fairy, Sorrel Fairy, Thistle Fairy, Toadflax Fairy, Travellers Joy Fairy, White Campion Fairy, White Clover Fairy, Wild Rose Fairy, Wild Thyme Fairy and the Yarrow Fairy. All of these vintage Summer Flower Fairy Prints by Cicely Mary Barker can be found for sale in our Shop.